Welcome to the official website for Chris Andres,on this site you'll be able to find out everything that's going on with me and my music! You'll be able to see where I'm playing,what I'm selling and where I'm going,let's go!!

Crazy Times  

Hi gang I'm writing this blog just to keep you up to date on what's happening on the musical front!

Right before the world shut down we were hard at work rehearsing for the upcoming summer festival season...it did not happen. We were a fully rehearsed band firing on all cylinders with no where to play, what to do!! Well we did what any band with some time on their hands would do, we recorded an album. We really wanted a live sound so we played in the same room as much as we could that way we could keep it loose and relaxed, the results are way more than we could have hoped for and we can't wait to get it to ya!

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